As part of my research I have (co-)developed the following open-source software. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and suggestions.
  • I-MLE: Implementation of Implicit Maximum Likelhood Estimation, a framework to backpropagate through algorithms.
  • MMKG: Multi-Modal Knowledge Graphs: Datasets and Algorithms.
  • RockIt: The currently most efficient inference engine for Markov Logic networks. Also available as a web service.
  • ELOG: A reasoner for log-linear description logics, supporting both MAP and marginal queries
  • CODI: Combinatorial Optimization for Data Integration, a data integration toolkit for the alignment of ontologies, schemas, and objects
  • LiftedMCMC: Orbital Markov chains, a family of Markov chains exploiting model symmetries; the first lifted MCMC approach that works for a large class of probabilistic graphical models
  • EVMs: Exchangeable Variable Models, a novel family of tractable probabilistic graphical models generalizing the Naive Bayes family of models
  • Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project: A collection of digital humanities tools and data sets